Letter From Adriana

I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, 20 minutes away from the Caribbean. Our warm and sunny weather probably explains why we are so happy no matter the situation. As most Latin American, we face the consequences of a struggling state and a deep economic crisis. But let’s not talk politics, let’s talk about the people.

Growing in a country with such inequality, inevitably had a very profound impact on my live. I founded Alma to combat the inequalities in Latin America. Back in 2013 I was inspired to create a brand made by women from my hometown. My hope is to support women through ethical jobs and fair trade to overcome poverty. If we don´t fight back, who else will?

What started as a school project became my life goal. Only problem? My poor sewing and patternmaking skills. So, my very first hire was Yaya, a dressmaker with 3 kids that was unemployed. We later partnered with non-profit organizations such as “Vistete de Suenos”, which teaches women how to be a dressmaker and with manufacturers in Colombia that share our values and mission to empower women. We’ve become more than I ever dreamed of and I’m very grateful to all the people who have supported us! My only hope is to continue helping women all over Latin America and who knows, maybe the world?


Every Alma piece is made by women for women, carefully crafted in small batches to minimize our environmental footprint. There’s nothing more wasteful than overstock. We are sorry we won't restock prints that sell out. We promise unique pieces and no waste. But fear not, you will love all our new fabrics.

Alma, Spanish for soul, creates pieces that will make you feel gorgeous in-an-out. We’re as committed to quality and fit as we’re about empowering women. Our colorful dresses are designed to fit all body shapes (Plus sizes are coming very soon!). I hope you enjoy our pieces as much as we enjoy making them.


With love,

Adriana De Castro